Erik Ten Hag Talks About Marc Overmars Resignation

MDP Live - Ajax Amsterdam manager, Erik Ten Hag, finally opened his voice to comment on the resignation of Marc Overmars a few days ago. Ten Hag said he was very surprised by the news.

After 10 years of serving as director of football for Ajax Amsterdam, on Tuesday Marc Overmars officially resigned from his position. Overmars himself chose to step down after short messages that smelled of sexual harassment to his female co-workers were spread.

Overmars himself and Erik Ten Hag who have worked together since 2017 are known as a great duo. The reason is that since handling Ajax, Ten Hag has won three domestic trophies and reached the semifinals of the 2019 Champions League.

Responding to the news, Ten Hag admitted that he was very surprised. He even needed time to consider his future at Ajax.

"Marc Overmars and I are definitely a strong duo. But to think about this now … it's not just about me," Ten Hag told ESPN.

"We have to digest well what happened. I will start to see the consequences. I will not think about my future for now."

"I'm fine, but I know what you mean. We had a really bad day. I really couldn't believe it when I first heard it."

"This is a disaster especially for the victims; the women. I understand the hardship and suffering they are going through."

"Everyone processes this in their own way. I then pulled away a little bit and I was a little calmer than usual. As a coach you naturally have to radiate energy, but it was difficult in the last few days."