While recovering from injuries, Anthony Davis also improves his shooting mechanics

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Anthony Davis seems to be really working hard while recovering from his injury. In addition to focusing on following the doctor's directions, Davis is also reported to have improved his shooting mechanics.

There is no denying that Anthony Davis is one of the great bigmen in the NBA. With a tall and ideal posture, he can attack and be a frightening specter for the opponent's defense. Unfortunately in the course of this season, Davis' shooting accuracy has decreased drastically.

He could only hit three-point shots with a percentage of 18 percent. With poor shooting accuracy, it is clear the Lakers are quite disadvantaged. In fact, Davis himself was once known as one of the big men who could shoot accurately.

According to reports from well-known media in the United States, Davis is now actively training to improve his shooting technique. So when he makes a comeback, he hopes that Davis can return to his best performance.

Lakers fans themselves have high hopes for Davis' ability on the field. The Lakers' performance so far is far from satisfactory. Frank Vogel's team is still stuck in the middle of the western conference standings with a record of 23 wins and 24 defeats.

Given that the season is still quite long, the Los Angeles Lakers must start early to get back up. If it is too slow, then their chances of qualifying for the playoffs directly will be increasingly slim.