Just a phone call, Manchester United can hijack Antonio Conte from Tottenham Hotspur

MDP Live - Manchester United (MU) is said to be able to easily bring in Antonio Conte from Tottenham Hotspur. United are on a mission to find a permanent manager to replace Ralf Rangnick.

Reported by the Manchester Evening News, Conte is on the Manchester United management's target list. But the Italian man is not a top priority.

The Red Devils - MU's nickname - are more interested in bringing in Mauricio Pochettino (PSG), or Erik Ten Hag (Ajax Amsterdam). Currently, MU management is considering the most likely options.

However, it did not make Conte removed from the list. Moreover, the possibility of bringing him is quite open.

Yes, Conte is rumored to be willing to leave if he doesn't have Spurs management support. Conte wants management to meet its target of bringing in several players.

This is considered important if Conte wants Spurs to compete for trophies next season. "Daniel Levy (Spurs CEO) if he doesn't buy a top player, Conte will leave," said former Tottenham player Jamie O'Hara.

Immediately Considered

O'Hara said United only needed to contact Conte. After that, Conte will seriously consider leaving.

"Conte will leave. I tell you. If United call him tomorrow and say, 'we want you', he seriously thinks about leaving," he said.

Can't get a trophy

Conte thinks Spurs need new players after losing 3-0 to Chelsea in the League Cup semi-final. The defeat diminished Spurs' chances of ending a 14-year trophy drought.

The last time Spurs won a trophy was in the 2008 season. At that time, they won the League Cup under Juande Ramos.

Depends on Rangnick

On the other hand, the decision about the new manager of Manchester United is said to depend on the figure of Rangnick. Understandably, after becoming interim manager, Ragnick will serve as technical director of MU.

The German manager is rumored to have pocketed a suitable name to replace him.