Bruno Fernandes often whines spoiled on the pitch, Gary Neville: He should be an example at Manchester United!

MDP Live - Former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville has severely criticized Bruno Fernandes after the match against Newcastle which ended in a 1-1 draw, Tuesday (12/28/2021) early morning.

In this match, Manchester United had fallen behind first due to Allan Saint-Maximin's goal at the beginning of the first half. This score lasted until the middle of the second half.

Edinson Cavani scored to make the score 1-1. This score lasts until the game ends. Manchester United had to settle for bringing home a point from St. James' Park.

Gary Neville critique

When speaking on Sky Sports, Neville briefly criticized Cristiano Ronaldo's actions after the game ended. Now, he also criticizes Fernandes' attitude on the pitch.

"There's also Fernandes whining. They are two senior players. It's devastating for young players when the two best players every other player as if they weren't good enough," said Neville.

"Cavani didn't do it. I don't think Cavani lay in front of Ronaldo or Fernandes, I think he defends them and helps other young players on the pitch. He is needed on the pitch."

Gary Neville Feels Disturbed

Furthermore, Neville was disturbed by the attitude shown by Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo. In fact, they should be role models for young players.

"It bothered me for about two months. The best players on your team, when they show a younger appearance and body language. They have to help them," said Neville.

"They have to be father figures, grandparents in the team. I made a big mistake at Man United but I have great senior players who will attack me but also embrace me, I think something is wrong."

"You can't run away at the end of the game. Bruno whines all the time; he's already a sensational player for Man United."