Frank Vogel Still Doesn't Know When Carmelo Anthony Can Play Again

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel still doesn't know for sure when Carmelo Anthony will make a comeback. The player is still complaining of pain in his hamstring area.

As is known, Carmelo Anthony suffered a hamstring injury last week when the Los Angeles Lakers were playing. Anthony was then examined by a team of doctors and the results were quite reassuring. Anthony did not suffer serious injuries such as torn ligaments or muscle bruises. His muscles were only slightly stretched so that Anthony was in pain when he made some movements.

Although the injury is not too severe, Anthony has missed 4 matches and has not shown the potential for a comeback in the near future. Frank Vogel when asked about Anthony's condition also could not give a definite answer.

"He is training as we speak at the moment. We will not have a definite answer whether he is available for the game against the Jazz or not, but it is possible he will play in that game," said Vogel.

"It's a hamstring injury, so you know how the soft tissue is inside. The hamstring will always feel good until the player experiences something. You try to improve your training every day and you evaluate how it feels tomorrow. If there is pain then you have to give more. a lot of time to rest," said the coach who successfully brought the Lakers to champions in the 2020 Orlando Bubble.