McLaren extends Norris contract, Daniel Ricciardo refuses to be jealous

MDP Live - McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo does not want to be jealous of Lando Norris who has just received a contract extension. He prefers to focus on improving his performance on the race track.

As is known, McLaren has extended the contract of Lando Norris until 2025. This has led to speculation that the Woking side are likely to rely more on Norris than the more senior Ricciardo. Responding to these rumors, Daniel Ricciardo was reluctant to think about it. He himself still has a contract until the end of 2023 so there is no need to worry about his future. The main focus that must be lived now is to improve the speed with McLaren's new car.

"No, I didn't think about that at all. I mean, if I wear a team hat, or run the business of running a team, what McLaren is doing to keep Norris is a good maneuver," Ricciardo said in an interview with local media.

Ricciardo also did not deny that Norris did have a good performance in the 2021 F1 season. Norris earned even more points than him and was younger. Not surprisingly, McLaren fenced him off with a long-term contract so as not to be taken by another factory team.

"Not only has he been able to deliver great performances last season, to be honest, Norris has done really well in Formula 1. Apart from performances, he also really loves this team and feels McLaren is his home. So I think it's good for him and his future as well. in front of McLaren," said the driver from the Kangaroo Country.

Daniel Ricciardo wants McLaren to be his last team

MDP Live - Daniel Ricciardo revealed that he wanted to continue racing with McLaren, even until his career in Formula 1 car racing ended.

Daniel Ricciardo had a pretty good performance in his first season strengthening McLaren which also returned to using a Mercedes-made power unit. At the 2021 Italian GP, ​​the Australian rider managed to present a victory for his new team, which last took the highest podium in the 2012 season.

He also hopes to appear stronger this year and can lead McLaren to a better direction, especially in terms of developing cars.

Competing with three different teams in the last four years, Ricciardo said he was very comfortable with the support provided by McLaren. The 32-year-old wants to stay with them until the end of his Formula 1 career.

"When I came to McLaren, I felt the team supported me in every way," he said.

"They never left me alone, especially in the difficult first half of last season. Instead, they tried to cheer me up,” he added.

"I'm not saying that I need constant support, but I really like the attitude of the team. I feel and appreciate it. They are almost like family to me,” continued Ricciardo.

“You always want to drive the best car. The desire to be behind the wheel of the best car is natural for a Formula 1 driver, but I am no longer looking for more attractive options."

"I've changed teams in the last three or four years but now I'm very comfortable at McLaren, I like everything here and I sincerely want this project to be a success," he explained.

Being at an age that is no longer young, Daniel Ricciardo realized that staying with one team was the best thing for him.

"I want to keep racing for this team. I love this manufacturer and this company's sports cars, I'm delighted to be part of the McLaren family."

“Why would I consider moving to another team or doing something else in the future? Last year, I won the race even though it was the most difficult season of my career."

"Personally, I think 'if I win races even in a difficult year, who knows what awaits me in the future'," he added.

"All of this is encouraging and I want to race for McLaren for the rest of my career," concluded Ricciardo.s