Francesco Bagnaia has no intention of leaving Ducati

MDP Live - The Italian racer, Francesco Bagnaia, admitted that he had no intention of leaving Ducati at all. Although his contract is short, he will soon sign a new contract in the near future.

As is known, Francesco Bagnaia's old contract will expire at the end of the 2022 season. With the remaining contract dwindling, rumors surfaced that Bagnaia could change teams. Moreover, Bagnaia's performance is improving rapidly in the past year.

Responding to rumors circulating to the public, Bagnaia finally clarified. He explained that he was still comfortable with Ducati. Before undergoing the 2022 season, he wanted to sign a new contract to guarantee his future.

"We can and must aim for the best results. The key is that we always have to be fast and consistent. Indeed, winning races is important but what makes the difference is consistency. I think we have prepared well for this new season," said Bagnaia. .

"This (together with Ducati) is a very beautiful thing. We will again discuss a new contract in this period (before the competition). It will be very calming if I can welcome the new season with certainty about the next season, "he said once again.

Ducati itself is indeed labeled as one of the best factory teams today. Bagnaia is certainly reluctant to take risks by moving to another team that is not necessarily suitable.

With the current Ducati motorbike, Valentino Rossi is sure that he can appear great

MDP Live - Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali, believes that Valentino Rossi can look solid and even compete for the championship title if he uses the current Desmosedici motorbike.

Valentino Rossi is known to have tried his luck to become a MotoGP champion with Ducati in the 2011 season. Unfortunately, the Italian rider was unable to do much when he joined them.

After repeatedly trying to adapt to the Desmosedici bike, Rossi finally gave up and left Ducati at the end of the 2012 season and decided to return to strengthen Yamaha. In total, he could only reach three podiums without ever winning a win with the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale.

But the CEO of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, believes that would not happen if Valentino Rossi joined his team in the current era. Especially now, the Desmosedici motorbike has proven its quality and can perform fast in the hands of several riders.

“Ducati era today is very different. I think he will be strong with our bike. However, we have no regrets. At that time, we were meant for each other," said Domenicali, quoted by MotoSan.

He then assessed the difficulties that Rossi faced at that time could not be separated from the role of Casey Stoner. The reason is that the arrival of the seven-time MotoGP world champion coincided with the departure of Stoner, who chose to move to Repsol Honda.

As a result, he had difficulty adjusting to the motor. In fact, the Ducati Desmosedici GP11 at that time was developed in accordance with the input given by Stoner.

“At that time, the bike was made according to Stoner's wishes. It is difficult to interpret the wishes of a rider who is used to a more balanced bike," he said.

Jorge Martin is more suited to work in an Italian style than a Japanese one

MDP Live - Pramac Racing racer, Jorge Martin, recently revealed the reasons why he immediately felt comfortable at Ducati even though he had only had one season in MotoGP. To Speedweek, Monday (12/20/2021), Martin admitted that the Italian way of working was more compatible with him who came from Spain.

During his career in Grand Prix, Martin worked with four manufacturers, namely Mahindra (India) and Honda (Japan) in Moto3, KTM (Austria) in Moto2, and Ducati (Italy) in MotoGP. He really understands how each manufacturer works and the philosophy, and admits that he is most comfortable with Ducati even though he won Moto3 2018 with Honda.

According to Martin, Ducati people are more tenacious in their work, and are very responsive in finding solutions when problems arise on their bikes. "I think the biggest difference from all the existing manufacturers is where the people come from. It all depends on whether they are from Japan, Italy or other countries," he said.

Call KTM Have a Mixed Mentality of Japan and Italy

"Defending different manufacturers feels different. However, it's nice to work with people in Italy. They are very fast, always have good solutions. Maybe not always okay, but always quick to find solutions. It's important to try things and be prepared for any situation," said Martin.

From his experience defending Honda, Martinator assessed that Japanese engineers and technicians always provide accurate problem solutions, but often take a long time to get them. He also saw the working philosophy of Honda and Ducati blend in at KTM, but said the Italian character was more suitable for him.

"Maybe it will be more difficult to work with the Japanese, because their way of working is slower, although the ideas are always good. KTM has a mixed mentality of both. However, the Italian style is more like the Spanish style, more 'southern', the people are very warm and it suits my personality," he said.

Satisfied with the Massive Support from Ducati

Martin is certain to stay at Pramac Racing in MotoGP 2022, and is now trying to win Jack Miller's seat on the Ducati Lenovo Team in 2023. The 23-year-old racer is also grateful to be back with the latest factory-spec motorcycle, the Desmosedici GP22. That way, he can maximize his potential.

"We have a factory spec bike. Maybe it's not 100% the same, because if the engine is faster it will be left to the factory team. However, the chassis, fairing and everything else is the same. I'm happy to defend Ducati because the support is amazing. Their factory pushed me a lot. go fast. I'm happy to stay with them next year, "he concluded.

Martin and all MotoGP riders will return to the track in a pre-season test at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, on 5-6 February 2022. Furthermore, they will undergo a second pre-season test at the Mandalika Circuit, Indonesia, on 11-13 February 2022.