Manchester United was beaten by Manchester United in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium

By playing one game more and winning, Manchester City remain six points clear of Liverpool.
Manchester United in this match did not present Christiano Ronaldo and Edinson Cavani due to injury, Rapahel Varane and Luke Shaw due to Covid -19.

A precise low shot resulted in the Belgian's second goal in the scramble for goal mouth. And Kevinbruyne was central to this win, putting City ahead with a fine finish and restoring the lead.

City stepped up strategy after the break then took the lead in the 68th minute. When Riyad Mahrez found De Bruyne's corner with a half-volley and beat United goalkeeper David de Gea.

After a long VAR check for offside. City provided the closing goal by Mahrez.

From the start of the first whistle as City forced to score against Manchester United, De Bruyne scored twice to give City a third, and they are in no mood to give up their title at the Etihad Stadium.

In the first half City's performance was impressive but after halftime their form was even more amazing and City were able to beat United, who at that time United were not given the opportunity to hold the ball and hold off attacks.

The ball was dominated by City, and broke through United's defense to make United lose.
This match was like a torture for United, Maguire in a position outside City looked to give the ball into the goal mouth and get the second goal.
He also got a yellow card for making a rough tackle.

The defeat in this match left United desperate for an important fourth place. This grim evidence makes winning in Europe's elite competition a fantasy with evidence of this poor game, and it is painful to watch United chase the shadows and lose every shadow.

And against City it was a bleak affair that even weighed heavily in their campaign to save their season.

The Neymar Hopes

More than his desire to return to his homeland, Neymar actually hopes to play at the As club

Neymar has also recently extended his contract with PSG until 2025

This Neymar wish was expressed on the Fenomenos podcast in a video posted on Sunday evening.

And Neymar also issued a statement that he will play until he is mentally exhausted, and not for a certain age

And from the podcast Neymar considers that the Brazilian national team is very distant from its fans. I see that people don't talk about our game, don't even know when we play.

And it's very sad to live in a generation that Brazil played unimportantly.