Frank Vogel Still Doesn't Know When Carmelo Anthony Can Play Again

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel still doesn't know for sure when Carmelo Anthony will make a comeback. The player is still complaining of pain in his hamstring area.

As is known, Carmelo Anthony suffered a hamstring injury last week when the Los Angeles Lakers were playing. Anthony was then examined by a team of doctors and the results were quite reassuring. Anthony did not suffer serious injuries such as torn ligaments or muscle bruises. His muscles were only slightly stretched so that Anthony was in pain when he made some movements.

Although the injury is not too severe, Anthony has missed 4 matches and has not shown the potential for a comeback in the near future. Frank Vogel when asked about Anthony's condition also could not give a definite answer.

"He is training as we speak at the moment. We will not have a definite answer whether he is available for the game against the Jazz or not, but it is possible he will play in that game," said Vogel.

"It's a hamstring injury, so you know how the soft tissue is inside. The hamstring will always feel good until the player experiences something. You try to improve your training every day and you evaluate how it feels tomorrow. If there is pain then you have to give more. a lot of time to rest," said the coach who successfully brought the Lakers to champions in the 2020 Orlando Bubble.

Frank Vogel remains optimistic even though the Lakers don't make any transactions

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel remains optimistic about welcoming the second half of the season even though his team did not make any transactions in yesterday's trade deadline. Vogel assesses that all Lakers players have improved themselves and are ready to fight more competitively.

The Los Angeles Lakers were initially rumored with many players such as Buddy Hield, Cam Reddish, Alec Burks, to John Wall. Unfortunately when the trade deadline passed, the Lakers did not reach an agreement with any team. They stick to the squad they built from the start of the season without letting anyone go to another team.

Responding to the Lakers' passive action on the trade deadline, Frank Vogel doesn't seem worried. He still believes in the squad he has now.

"I think that with the trade deadline that has passed, all of our players' mindsets have been refreshed. Our team has positive and strong energy to win the match we will play this Saturday. We have to trust each other to be able to create a breakthrough for the rest of the season," said Vogel when interviewed by local media.

The Lakers themselves are currently in ninth place in the NBA western conference standings with a record of 26 wins and 30 losses. To qualify for the playoffs without participating in the play-in tournament, the Lakers must at least finish in sixth place. On the other hand, if they still want to keep their hopes of qualifying for the playoffs, they must at least finish in 10th place in the final standings (although they have to fight again through the play-in tournament).

As long as LeBron James's injury hasn't healed, Frank Vogel is playing it safe

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will not play LeBron James if he does not fully recover from his knee injury. Vogel feels that the long-term health of LeBron is a top priority for now.

As is known, LeBron James has suffered a left knee injury since his match against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday (25/1) local time. LeBron was then rested in hopes of recovering. Unfortunately, LeBron's knee is showing worrying signs of swelling. Although there was no ligament damage or anything serious, Frank Vogel did not want to play with the condition of his flagship player.

The step taken by the Los Angeles Lakers is to repatriate LeBron first. He will receive intensive care until he is declared cured 100 percent.

"As long as the swelling is there, he will be out and we will get him back as soon as possible. We will monitor him from day to day. I think about him every day," Vogel said in an interview with local media.

"We always pay attention to the burden he carries, through constant communication with him and the medical team. We leave it to the medical staff, what they feel is the best. It's really not a matter of the head coach, it depends on the medical team." once again.

LeBron's absence is clearly very influential for the Lakers game. Currently, the team based in California is stuck in ninth place in the western conference standings with a record of 24 wins and 27 defeats.

Rumors of Frank Vogel's sacking from the Lakers' chair are getting stronger

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has been increasingly rumored to be sacked lately. The Lakers' inconsistent performance is the main reason behind it all.

As a big team reinforced by great names such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers failed to show an impressive performance in the 2021-2022 NBA season this time. The team from California can only collect 22 wins from 45 matches that have been undertaken. Sometimes in one game they appear solid, in another game they appear aimless.

For example, the Lakers succeeded in arresting the Jazz, whose position was far above them. Then two days later, the Lakers actually fell when they faced the Pacers who had a worse win-lose record than them. This is clearly annoying for Lakers fans who want to see their team win consistently.

One of the things that made Vogel's coaching chair heated up was his inability to rotate players properly. In the last match against the Indiana Pacers, Vogel actually played Carmelo Anthony at the last minute. Anthony is indeed a great player with good shooting accuracy. But in that match, he didn't find his best rhythm.

Frank Vogel also didn't play Russell Westbrook at all in the final three minutes of the final quarter. In fact, Westbrook has pretty good stats. Those questions made the rumors of his dismissal even stronger.