Frank Vogel remains optimistic even though the Lakers don't make any transactions

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel remains optimistic about welcoming the second half of the season even though his team did not make any transactions in yesterday's trade deadline. Vogel assesses that all Lakers players have improved themselves and are ready to fight more competitively.

The Los Angeles Lakers were initially rumored with many players such as Buddy Hield, Cam Reddish, Alec Burks, to John Wall. Unfortunately when the trade deadline passed, the Lakers did not reach an agreement with any team. They stick to the squad they built from the start of the season without letting anyone go to another team.

Responding to the Lakers' passive action on the trade deadline, Frank Vogel doesn't seem worried. He still believes in the squad he has now.

"I think that with the trade deadline that has passed, all of our players' mindsets have been refreshed. Our team has positive and strong energy to win the match we will play this Saturday. We have to trust each other to be able to create a breakthrough for the rest of the season," said Vogel when interviewed by local media.

The Lakers themselves are currently in ninth place in the NBA western conference standings with a record of 26 wins and 30 losses. To qualify for the playoffs without participating in the play-in tournament, the Lakers must at least finish in sixth place. On the other hand, if they still want to keep their hopes of qualifying for the playoffs, they must at least finish in 10th place in the final standings (although they have to fight again through the play-in tournament).

Los Angeles Lakers Beat New York Knicks Through Overtime Drama

MDP Live - The Los Angeles Lakers won a dramatic victory when they hosted the New York Knicks, Saturday (4/2) local time. Frank Vogel's team struggled to win with a final score of 122-115.

The match, which was held at the Arena, actually didn't go well for the Los Angeles Lakers in the first half. LeBron James and his friends were surprised by the sporadic and fast-paced attacks from the New York Knicks. The Lakers even fell far behind with a margin of 21 points. Luckily after the halftime break, their performance slowly improved. The Lakers managed to force the game to continue into overtime. In this extra round, the Lakers players played more neatly until they came out as winners.

The key to the Lakers' victory could not be separated from the extraordinary performance of LeBron James and Malik Monk. LeBron scored an impressive triple-double with 29 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists. Not wanting to be left behind with LeBron, Monk also showed his capacity as a classy shooting guard. The former Charlotte Hornets player added a total of 29 points to the Lakers' victory.

Moving to the Knicks camp, Julius Randle and RJ Barrett became the two players whose roles were the most prominent. Barrett appeared ferocious with a total of 36 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. Meanwhile, Randle, who was assigned to be the team's mainstay player, also appeared solid with 32 points. Unfortunately, the hard work of Barrett and Randle still failed to produce a victory for the Knicks.

Fierce, Los Angeles Clippers Silence City Rivals

MDP Live - The Los Angeles Clippers host a team that is their city rival, the Los Angeles Lakers. Through Reggie Jackson's crucial lay-up in the final seconds, the Clippers won with a narrow score of 111-110.

The match itself was actually quite exciting and interesting from the first minute. The Los Angeles Clippers, which was the host, had a long enough lead to enter the third quarter. Los Angeles Lakers who do not want to lose just try to get up and equalize. The Lakers' efforts had paid off, unfortunately they were caught off guard in the final seconds.

The Lakers did not keep Reggie Jackson who carried the ball and made a crucial lay-up. Anthony Davis also came close to scoring the winning shot when the buzzer sounded. Unfortunately, his shot missed and failed to bring the Lakers to victory.

Overall, Jackson appeared solid in this match. The player who wore the glasses had a total of 25 points and 8 rebounds. Not to be outdone by Jackson, Marcus Morris Sr. also appeared productive. He became the top scorer with 29 points.

Moving to the Lakers camp, Anthony Davis and Malik Monk became the two players whose roles were most prominent on the team. Davis scored an impressive double-double with 30 points and 17 rebounds. Meanwhile, Monk, who was trusted by Frank Vogel to play as a starter, also appeared solid. The former Charlotte Hornets player added 21 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists.

Russell Westbrook refuses to be discouraged even though the Lakers are in a slump

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Russell Westbrook asked his team-mates to keep up the spirit to face a tough season. The Lakers may be slumped in the middle of the western conference standings, but the journey in the regular season is still not over.

As a team that is strengthened by a number of great names, the Los Angeles Lakers' performance in the NBA this season is far from satisfactory. Frank Vogel's team swallowed three consecutive defeats before entering February. As a result of the winning and losing record that is not too good, the Lakers are now ranked 9th in the standings.

This was indeed irritating and frustrating, but Russell Westbrook still didn't want to be discouraged. He believes the Lakers can rise from adversity.

"Never give up. I think that should be on anyone's mind. In the middle of the season, we are not in the position we want to be in and that's okay. There is no need to worry about what could happen, what we should be. do, and where we should be. Nobody knows where we should be, everyone has their own opinion about what they think or how they think we should play.

"However, based on our many circumstances, we have found a way to fight through it all and we are still doing that as we speak, we will do our best and keep our energy positive so we can find a way to win."

Malik Monk Says Lakers Are Struggling With Injury Storm And COVID-19

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Malik Monk considered that his team lacked good resilience. The Lakers are fragile when they are hit by a storm of injuries and COVID-19.

It is undeniable that the Los Angeles Lakers have not performed as expected this season. Frank Vogel's team was even stranded in 9th place in the NBA western conference standings with a record of 24 wins and 27 losses. Responding to the team's poor performance, Malik Monk explained that everything was caused by unexpected factors.

First, the Lakers were hit by a storm of injuries since the start of the season. Their great players such as Kendrick Nunn, Trevor Ariza, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James were absent alternately due to injury. It doesn't stop there, the Omicron variant of the Corona Virus has infected many Lakers players. They then appeared with a limp because the infected players were forced to undergo a period of self-quarantine.

"That happens in basketball, apart from this COVID issue, you never know who will get hurt, who will be eliminated, who has family problems and that is something we have been fighting for all year," Monk said in an interview.

"We don't have that strong resilience yet, we don't have it yet. That's what we've been fighting for all season. We know what we have to do, we just have to put it together and we keep saying the same thing. We just have to go out on the pitch and do it." .

As long as LeBron James's injury hasn't healed, Frank Vogel is playing it safe

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will not play LeBron James if he does not fully recover from his knee injury. Vogel feels that the long-term health of LeBron is a top priority for now.

As is known, LeBron James has suffered a left knee injury since his match against the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday (25/1) local time. LeBron was then rested in hopes of recovering. Unfortunately, LeBron's knee is showing worrying signs of swelling. Although there was no ligament damage or anything serious, Frank Vogel did not want to play with the condition of his flagship player.

The step taken by the Los Angeles Lakers is to repatriate LeBron first. He will receive intensive care until he is declared cured 100 percent.

"As long as the swelling is there, he will be out and we will get him back as soon as possible. We will monitor him from day to day. I think about him every day," Vogel said in an interview with local media.

"We always pay attention to the burden he carries, through constant communication with him and the medical team. We leave it to the medical staff, what they feel is the best. It's really not a matter of the head coach, it depends on the medical team." once again.

LeBron's absence is clearly very influential for the Lakers game. Currently, the team based in California is stuck in ninth place in the western conference standings with a record of 24 wins and 27 defeats.

Trae Young leads Hawks to beat Lakers

MDP Live - The Atlanta Hawks showed a brilliant performance again. Had missed 11 points, Trae Young et al were able to beat the Los Angeles Lakers with a score of 129-121.

In a match that took place at the State Farm Arena on Monday (31/1), the Lakers led by 11 points early in the fourth quarter thanks to a three-pointer from Malik Monk that changed the position 104-93.

But Atlanta responded with a 14-2 run to take the lead with Lou Williams' three-pointer with 7 minutes 27 seconds remaining. It was then tied at 121-121 with 1 minute 52 seconds remaining but the Hawks scored the final eight points and Bogdan Bogdanovic froze it with two free throws with 17.1 seconds remaining.

Trae Young became the star of the Hawks' victory by scoring 36 points and 12 assists. Atlanta also had 20 points and 11 rebounds from John Collins and 16 points from substitute Onyeka Okongwu. Clint Capela had 15 points and nine rebounds, while Bogdanovic had 10 points.

From the Lakers camp, Malik Monk scored 33 points, which is the highest for the Lakers costume. The Lakers also had 27 points and five rebounds from Anthony Davis, who returned to the lineup after missing a game with wrist pain. Russell Westbrook added 20 points and 12 assists. The Lakers lost three times in a row.

The Lakers were without LeBron James, who missed his third game in a row with a left knee injury. James chose to return to Los Angeles to treat his knee.

LeBron James Returns to "carry" the Lakers to beat the Nets

MDP Live - The Los Angeles Lakers are back on winning ways. LeBron James "carried" his team to win at the Brooklyn Nets headquarters with a score of 106-96.

In the match that took place at the Barclays Center, Wednesday (26/1) afternoon WIB, the Lakers were again reinforced by Anthony Davis, who had just recovered from a knee injury. However, LeBron James is again the mainstay of the Lakers in scoring points.

The 36-year-old player scored 33 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. He had help from substitutes Malik Monk who finished with 22 points, Russell Westbrook with 15 points and Carmelo Anthony who scored 13 points.

From the Nets camp, the home team has not yet been strengthened by Kevin Durant, who has not recovered from his injury, and Kyrie Irving who cannot play because he has not been injected with the vaccine.

As a result, James Harden became a mainstay in scoring. He finished with a triple-double scoring 33 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. Harden got help from Patty Mills who made 15 points, and DeAndre Barmby who finished with 13 points.

The Lakers have dominated the game since the first quarter. James brought the Lakers lead with a score of 62-53 in the second quarter. The Nets tried to catch up through James Harden. However, Anthony threw three points to close the third quarter with a score of 92-78, the Lakers were still ahead.

Steve Nash's team tried hard to catch up. However, the Lakers ensured victory with a score of 106-96. With this victory, the Lakers managed to rank seventh after recording 24 wins and 24 defeats. Meanwhile, the Nets are in third place with 29 wins and 18 wins. The next game, the Lakers will visit the headquarters of the Philadelphia 76ers. Meanwhile, the Nets will face the Denver Nuggets.

While recovering from injuries, Anthony Davis also improves his shooting mechanics

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Anthony Davis seems to be really working hard while recovering from his injury. In addition to focusing on following the doctor's directions, Davis is also reported to have improved his shooting mechanics.

There is no denying that Anthony Davis is one of the great bigmen in the NBA. With a tall and ideal posture, he can attack and be a frightening specter for the opponent's defense. Unfortunately in the course of this season, Davis' shooting accuracy has decreased drastically.

He could only hit three-point shots with a percentage of 18 percent. With poor shooting accuracy, it is clear the Lakers are quite disadvantaged. In fact, Davis himself was once known as one of the big men who could shoot accurately.

According to reports from well-known media in the United States, Davis is now actively training to improve his shooting technique. So when he makes a comeback, he hopes that Davis can return to his best performance.

Lakers fans themselves have high hopes for Davis' ability on the field. The Lakers' performance so far is far from satisfactory. Frank Vogel's team is still stuck in the middle of the western conference standings with a record of 23 wins and 24 defeats.

Given that the season is still quite long, the Los Angeles Lakers must start early to get back up. If it is too slow, then their chances of qualifying for the playoffs directly will be increasingly slim.

Rumors of Frank Vogel's sacking from the Lakers' chair are getting stronger

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel has been increasingly rumored to be sacked lately. The Lakers' inconsistent performance is the main reason behind it all.

As a big team reinforced by great names such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers failed to show an impressive performance in the 2021-2022 NBA season this time. The team from California can only collect 22 wins from 45 matches that have been undertaken. Sometimes in one game they appear solid, in another game they appear aimless.

For example, the Lakers succeeded in arresting the Jazz, whose position was far above them. Then two days later, the Lakers actually fell when they faced the Pacers who had a worse win-lose record than them. This is clearly annoying for Lakers fans who want to see their team win consistently.

One of the things that made Vogel's coaching chair heated up was his inability to rotate players properly. In the last match against the Indiana Pacers, Vogel actually played Carmelo Anthony at the last minute. Anthony is indeed a great player with good shooting accuracy. But in that match, he didn't find his best rhythm.

Frank Vogel also didn't play Russell Westbrook at all in the final three minutes of the final quarter. In fact, Westbrook has pretty good stats. Those questions made the rumors of his dismissal even stronger.