Even though Liverpool won, Man City was still the champion

Manchester, who had just played, was held and drew with Westham and the result was that the difference in points was not too big.

Liverpool are tight on 86 points with two games to go, and Man City are ahead at the top with 89 points and it's clear Man City still have the upper hand

Man City's match with Westham ended in a 2-2 draw, and if Liverpool won the remaining 2 matches, it is possible that Liverpool will become champions with Man City's record slipping in the last match.

Man City's last match will be against Aston Villa. And Liverpool with Southampton and Wolverhampton.

According to Paul Merson it looks like Liverpool's win will have no impact on Man City

"Liverpool could have won 55-0 over Southampton but it wouldn't have made a difference. They have no chance of winning the Premier League," Merson told Sky Sports.

Where the key now is the success of Man City equalizing against West Ham, if you lose Man City are in a difficult position.