5 reasons Marc Marquez will win MotoGP 2022 and match Valentino Rossi's title, Number 1 is an important factor

MDP Live - MotoGP 2022 is predicted to be very interesting because many riders are predicted to become champions in the new competition. Of course the Monster Energy Yamaha Team racer, Fabio Quartararo will be a strong candidate because he is the defending champion, but don't forget about Marc Marquez.

Yes, the Repsol Honda Team rider is certain to return to the race track after struggling with injuries and eye problems at the end of the 2021 MotoGP. Marquez has now confirmed that he will take part in the pre-season test which will be held at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia in February 2022.

Of course, the return of Marquez has made the competition map now championing him to become a champion. There are many things that make Marquez still worthy of being a candidate for the 2022 MotoGP champion to be able to match Valentino Rossi's nine-time world champion title. So what is it?

Here are 5 reasons Marc Marquez will win MotoGP in 2022 and match Valentino Rossi's title:

  1. No Pressure

Marquez is indeed a MotoGP champion with the highest number of wins among other racers who will participate in the 2022 season. However, he is predicted to be without pressure when he drops in MotoGP 2022.

Because many parties are now championing Quartararo or Bagnaia to be able to win the 2022 MotoGP. This is inseparable from Marquez's condition, which is still not stable even though he is now ready to take part in the pre-season test.

Moreover, from the Honda side, they think realistically without putting high pressure on Marquez. Honda is aware that the bike is now slightly behind other teams.

Of course, the motorcycle problem is not a serious matter for Marquez, who has been able to maximize Honda's iron horse in recent years. The most important thing is that with less pressure, Marquez can focus more on improving his performance regardless of pressure from outside the garage.

  1. Repsol Honda Successfully Improves Motorcycle Quality

Honda can only rank fourth in the 2021 MotoGP constructors championship. A really disappointing result, of course, for a factory team as big as Honda.

Honda lost to Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki. However, of course the team with the flapping wings logo will not remain silent. As Marquez's colleague Pol Espargaro said, the RC213V motorbike for the 2022 MotoGP is already much better.

It's just that a trial is needed to see how far the development of the Honda motorcycle is when compared to the iron horses of other teams.

"The bike is better, but it's too early to talk about how much better. First of all, we need to put the bike on track with another bike and see where we are," said Pol.

  1. There are 21 races in MotoGP 2022 that can benefit Marquez

Marc Marquez won six MotoGP titles in just seven seasons of his participation in the most prestigious motorcycle racing class. He was able to do this because Marquez was able to appear consistent throughout the season.

This is not seen by other riders who are now Marquez's competitors in the 2022 MotoGP. Quartararo may be the 2021 MotoGP champion, but the French rider is only good at the beginning of the season and sluggish at the end of the season.

On the other hand, Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati Lenovo) who finished as runner-up in MotoGP 2021 was less intense at the start but performed superbly at the end of the season. Likewise Joan Mir (Suzuki Ecstar), who suddenly lost his best performance like when he won the 2020 MotoGP.

If only Marquez could restore his performance as before and be consistent. So in those 21 long races, Marquez can really benefit.

  1. High determination

As is known, Marquez has long wanted to match Valentino Rossi's record, which has mastered nine world titles, of which seven titles come from the MotoGP class.

Currently Marquez has achieved eight world titles, six of which are from MotoGP. So, he needs one more victory in the MotoGP class to match Rossi's record.

For Marquez, matching Rossi's record is not just a sign of competition between them. But more want to prove that he is one of the greatest racers in the racing event.

  1. Marc Marquez Has Recovered

As said above, Marc Marquez has finally recovered so he is allowed to take part in the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test in Malaysia. Although it is unknown how much he recovered, Marquez is predicted to be much better than when he started MotoGP in 2021.

With such conditions, Marquez was able to bring out his best performance. If that happens, it will be a sign of danger for other racers.

Because when in MotoGP 2021 Marquez was able to win three races while still holding pain in his right shoulder after a severe accident at MotoGP 2020. Imagine if the pain was gone, then Marquez would return to his glorious era.

Despite recovering from an injury, Marc Marquez's success in MotoGP 2022 still depends on Honda

MDP Live - Marc Marquez's success in MotoGP 2022 is not only determined by whether or not the injury has been healed. According to MotoGP observer Carlo Pernat, the success of the eight-time world champion depends on Honda.

As is known, Marquez is struggling to fully recover from his injury because it is still far from being prime. He has been practicing motocross and track testing at the Algarve Circuit, Portimao, January 16, 2022.

In Portimao, the 28-year-old racer has tested the RC213V-S to prepare for the 2022 MotoGP stage. He is also waiting for the RC213V Honda will build. The motor is allegedly easier to tame than the latest version.

Regarding his new motorbike, Pernat had high hopes. Honda is said to have to create a motorbike that is in accordance with Marquez's character so that the rider can issue his best performance on the cross. Plus, he's still recovering.

If he manages to create a suitable motorbike, Pernat is very confident about Marquez's chances in MotoGP 2022. The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien also has a great opportunity to add to the trophy coffers.

"If he comes back to being one and if he has a competitive bike, I'm sure he (Marquez) will fight for victory every Sunday," Pernat was quoted as saying by Tuttomotoriweb, Wednesday (26/1/2022).

The analysis is not without reason. The reason is, the Honda racer is still one of the greatest among Fabio Quartararo, Francesco Bagnaia, Joan Mir. He could endanger the three riders if he managed to fully recover and get a competitive bike in MotoGP 2022.

"He has been unfortunate in recent years, but he remains the strongest," explained Pernat.

For additional information, Marquez is also rumored to be participating in the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia on February 5. Then, the test will be continued in Indonesia, at the Mandalika Circuit, 11-13 February 2022.

Conditions are getting better, Marc Marquez adds training portions to be ready to face MotoGP 2022

MDP Live - Repsol Honda Team racer, Marc Marquez, admitted that his current condition has improved, both in terms of vision or physical problems. Because of this, now Marquez intends to do additional training with his motorbike at the Aragon Circuit, Spain.

"I feel relieved because (my) vision is not disturbed. Because it's been a long time since I've ridden a motorbike, I know which physical areas are lacking. However, this usually happens during pre-season," said Marquez, quoted from the official Repsol Honda website, Thursday. (20/1/2022).

As is known, Marquez suffered an injury after falling in motoross practice before the 2021 MotoGP Algarve. Because of this incident, The Baby Alien – Marquez's nickname – had to miss the last two MotoGP 2021 races.

However, now his injury recovery has improved in the past month. Marquez also just underwent training to try out the Honda motorbike in Portimao, Portugal.

Not wanting to rest, Marquez is now reported to have immediately left for Spain to practice at the Aragon Circuit. According to Motosan's report, Thursday (20/1/2022), Marquez will try his 600cc motorcycle again.

That's what Marquez did to continue to adapt to the motorbike after being injured for almost two months. Because, The Baby Alien also really wants to take part in the 2022 MotoGP pre-season test in the near future.

First, the pre-season test will be held on February 5-6 2022 at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia. Then, it was followed by a test which was held on 11-13 February 2022 at the Mandalika Circuit, Indonesia.

Of course, practice at the Aragon Circuit could be a sign for Marquez to continue to recover from injury. It is hoped that the Spaniard will be able to appear at the 2022 MotoGP.

Moreover, Repsol Honda confirmed that Marquez's diplopia continues to improve. He also admits that he feels relieved because his eyesight is getting better. That way, Marquez's chances of dropping in MotoGP 2022 are now even greater.

Marquez returns to motorcycle ahead of 2022 MotoGP

MDP Live - Marc Marquez is back on a motorcycle for the first time since suffering an eye injury. A positive sign for Repsol Honda ahead of the 2022 MotoGP rolls around.

Through his personal Instagram account, Marquez uploaded a video undergoing motocross practice. The 28-year-old racer underwent training at the Ponts Circuit, Lleida, Spain.

This is The Baby Alien's first time riding a motorcycle since having an accident in early November 2021 practice. An accident that made Marquez absent in the last two MotoGP series last season.

The Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) said Marquez had received permission from dr. Sanchez Dalmau on Monday (10/1) to return to riding a motorcycle.

"Marc Marquez underwent a medical examination with Dr. Sanchez Dalmau last Monday to analyze his diplopia situation. Doctors confirmed a clear improvement in the eight-time world champion's eyesight," the HRC wrote on its official website.

"With this progress the Repsol Honda team rider has received permission to ride a motorcycle and motocross, the most demanding discipline in the world of two wheels, chosen by Marquez and his team. The next step for Marquez is to undergo training on paved tracks," wrote the HRC.

The 2022 MotoGP will start at the Qatar MotoGP on March 6. Previously there were pre-season tests at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, 5-6 February, and at the Mandalika Circuit on 11-13 February.

Missing the Duel with Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo Waits for Pedro Acosta to MotoGP

MDP Live - Monster Energy Yamaha racer, Fabio Quartararo, has missed a duel with Marc Marquez like they did in MotoGP 2019. The reason is, they didn't get a chance in 2020 because Marquez was plagued by injuries. In 2021, Marquez returns to racing, but never wheel-to-wheel with El Diablo.

Quartararo and Marquez were expected to form a new rivalry when they had a fierce duel until the last lap at the San Marino and Thailand MotoGP in 2019. Unfortunately, this rivalry did not continue in 2020 because Marquez missed a full season due to a fractured right hand bone after the Jerez accident.

In 2021, Marquez was inconsistent because his physical condition had not recovered. However, he had won in Germany, Austria, and Emilia Romagna, and even had a fierce duel with Pecco Bagnaia in Aragon. Unfortunately, Marquez's positive performance trend was again hampered by an injury to his right eye diplopia after falling during off-road practice.

Marc Marquez is a role model for the last 10 years

"Marc didn't race for eight months due to a serious injury, understandably this condition initially affected him. But he still won three victories. Unfortunately, when he really returned to his former level, with full strength, he got injured again," said Quartararo via Solomoto, as quoted by Motosan, Thursday (6/1/2022).

Quartararo also stated that Marquez has a very important role in MotoGP competition, considering that he has a very high level and indirectly raises the performance standards of his rivals. For this reason, according to Quartararo, Marquez has been the main reference for the riders for the last ten seasons.

"For me, Marc is a role model to follow over the last ten years. He became a star not only because he is a great racer, but also because he is an idol for this sport in general. I really want to get back to fighting with him again," continued the 22-year-old racer. this.

Pedro Acosta's Prediction Will Soon Follow to MotoGP

In the same interview, Quartararo also commented on the 2021 Moto3 world champion, Pedro Acosta, who is predicted to present an equally slick performance with Marquez in a few years in MotoGP. Quartararo, who is also the 2021 MotoGP world champion, said he agreed.

For him, Acosta is one of the young drivers with a strong mentality and way of riding, so it would not be a surprise to be able to be directly competitive in MotoGP. "Pedro our future. Winning Moto3 in the first year was very difficult. I remember, since Jerez, people have burdened him," he said.

"For a young rider like him, these kinds of pressures can be difficult to handle. However, Pedro knows how to control him, because mentally he is very strong, especially the way he rides. In two years, or sooner, he will be able to immediately fight for the world title in MotoGP. He will come soon," concluded Quartararo.

Marc Marquez is believed to appear at the start of the 2022 MotoGP

MDP Live - The latest condition of Marc Marquez, who is suffering from an injury, was revealed by Repsol Honda Manager, Alberto Puig. Repsol Honda itself has the belief that Marquez can appear since the start of the 2022 MotoGP. As is known, The Baby Alien – Marquez's nickname – missed the last two MotoGP 2021 races and also the post-season test. Because, he had an accident in practice before the race in Algerve.

Due to the incident, the Spaniard suffered a mild concussion and had to receive intensive care. However, he was soon diagnosed with diplopia which made his eyes unable to see properly.

After that, Marquez was rumored to be out for a long time. In fact, he is predicted not to be able to appear at the beginning of the 2022 MotoGP.

However, Puig revealed that the condition of the 28-year-old racer is slowly improving. Currently, Marquez is still under close supervision from doctors and is advised not to stress too much about his injury.

“He is resting as ordered to be a doctor, don't stress too much and have to be patient for a while. Little by little his condition returns to normal, hopefully," said Puig as quoted by Tuttomotoriweb, Tuesday (12/21/2021). "We'll see what happens, for sure we have to wait for the doctor's opinion," he explained.

For your information, in fact last season Marquez had not fully recovered from the arm injury he suffered last year. In fact, he still has to inject painkillers throughout the 2021 MotoGP race. Even so, The Baby Alien was able to rise and get several podiums in the second half of the season. However, he suddenly missed the last two races due to another injury.