Mick Schumacher: Joining Mercedes Doesn't Guarantee A Direct Driver To Win

MDP Live - Haas driver Mick Schumacher said that joining a big and elite team like Mercedes was not an immediate guarantee of success. Requires reliable ability and strong mentality of the racer as well.

As is known, the competition in Formula 1 competition has always been dominated by one or two superior teams. No wonder, many people think that all drivers will be successful instantly if they join an elite team like Mercedes.

Unfortunately, that assumption was immediately dismissed by Mick Schumacher. He considered that a racer does not only need a competitive car, but several other factors that are no less important.

"Everyone deserves their place in Formula 1. Anyone can drive here. You only know if you can win a race in a Mercedes when you actually sit in it. It would be arrogant to say that," Mick said in an interview with the media. local.

Therefore, Mick is not worried if he has significant difficulties with Haas. He believes the difficulties will make him a more solid racer in the future.

"My focus is next season, others are still too far away. I have to look good first. If successful, then I will be able to see further into the future," said Michael Schumacher's biological son.