Monty Williams Names Kevin Durant As The Most Merciful Player

MDP Live - Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams will never forget Kevin Durant's great service in his career. He was able to develop into what he is today thanks to Durant's great help.

As is known, Monty Williams is one of the coaches who has shone in the past year. He was able to polish the Phoenix Suns to become one of the superior teams in the NBA west conference. Currently, Devin Booker and his friends are able to top the standings with a record of 41 wins and only 9 defeats. Responding to his extraordinary career journey, Williams called Kevin Durant the player who had the most merit in his development.

He had a team with Durant when he was still an associate head coach at the Oklahoma City Thunder and assistant to the US national team in 2013-2016. He could learn a lot from Durant as a star player in Uncle Sam's country.

"He (Kevin Durant) is one of the most diligent players I have ever had. He's a player that when I coached him he encouraged me to see how hard he trained to get all of this. He was the first player to support me as a coach in the league. Williams said in an interview.

"He once told me to leave a meeting, and we started a training program. In my opinion, Durant is a very extraordinary person. Because at that time, he dared to ask me to accompany training, and did not care about other coaches," he added.