Paolo Maldini: AC Milan Want to Succeed? Leave the San Siro

MDP Live - Paolo Maldini also spoke about the polemic about the construction of a new stadium that will replace the San Siro. The director of AC Milan, who has made the most appearances for the Rossoneri, said the move was needed to achieve the success of AC Milan and city rivals Inter Milan.

Maldini, as reported by AS, admitted to feeling the beautiful memories that have been passed by the citizens of the city of Milan at the San Siro stadium. However, Maldini admitted that he did not want to be trapped in the past.

"When it comes to memory, who is hurt the most by such a change besides me?" he said.

"If we want Milan and Inter to return to the top level of European football, writing beautiful stories like the San Siro, we can only need a new stadium," Maldini added.

San Siro is the pride stadium of the citizens of Milan, Italy. At least it's been more than 95 years AC Milan played at the legendary stadium. Apart from the Rossoneri squad, city rivals Inter are also based there. For Nerazzurri fans, this stadium is better known as the Giuseppe Meazza.

Looking ahead

But as is known, AC Milan and Inter Milan intend to displace the San Siro. The two clubs from the City of Milan are currently preparing a new stadium called 'The Cathedral'. This megaproject is run by a contractor, Papulous who has experience in building various magnificent stadiums in Europe such as Wembley Stadium, Emirates, to Tottenham Hotspur. The plan, the new stadium will be a combination of two iconic buildings in Milan, the Duomo di Milano and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.

"There is no choice. This (step) is not an opinion, this is a certainty. I don't want to erase the good past. It's just that I like to look forward. That's how I live my life," said Maldini.

More Majestic

AC Milan's new headquarters is not only magnificent, but also equipped with various modern facilities that will spoil the visitors. The stadium will have a rectangular shape.

Around it will be built vertical fins extending outward to support the glass wall surrounding the room which is described as a "sunlit gallery".

Meanwhile, Inter Milan CEO, Alessandro Antonello, added that this new stadium will also be equipped with a fairly large green open space. Unfortunately, its placement will likely sacrifice the legendary San Siro stadium which has been the pride of the citizens of the city of Milan.