Launches a new car, Red Bull Racing believes the RB18 is fiercer on straight tracks

MDP Live - Red Bull Racing Technical Director Pierre Wache believes that the new RB18 car will have better speed on the straights. The sector has been trying to fix the team mechanics during the winter break.

As is known, Red Bull Racing has just launched their new car to compete in the upcoming 2022 F1. The new car is named RB18 and has an elegant design. In addition to being slick in terms of design, the quality of the engine of the car is also improved so as not to lose competitiveness with Mercedes.

Pierre Wache as the Technical Director dared to emphasize that his team's new car will be faster on the straight track. Top speed is one of Red Bull's weaknesses last season.

"What they wanted to do was obviously to create and generate downforce from the underside of the car compared to before, where it was generated by the floor but also the front wing, rear wing and body," said Wache.

"It will definitely affect the car's control system, mechanical grip and drag of the car. This generation of downforce is quite efficient, and this type of car should be much faster on straight tracks at this level of downforce," he said once again.

Red Bull does have to increase the speed of his car next season. In the last few series of last year alone, Verstappen was so overwhelmed by the speed of Mercedes. Luckily, he can still win dramatically at the Abu Dhabi GP.

Max Verstappen hopes the number 1 he wears can last a long time

MDP Live - Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen hopes to use the number 1 on his car for the long term. He is reluctant to use the number 33 again if he is not forced or fails to defend his title.

As is known, Max Verstappen just won his first world title in the 2021 F1 season ago. He beat Lewis Hamilton dramatically at the Abu Dhabi GP so he was entitled to come out as champion. In accordance with the culture passed down, a champion is entitled to use the number 1 on their car in the following season. Verstappen, who was honored with the number, took it for use in the 2022 season.

With the number 1 being the new identity, Verstappen hopes that the number can last a long time. He doesn't want to use the number 33 anymore (in the sense that he wants to always be world champion).

"How often are there opportunities to change numbers? Number 1 is the best, so for me the most obvious choice is to choose number 1. Hopefully number 33 will not come back next season," Verstappen said when interviewed by local media.

The plan, Red Bull will release their new car complete with Verstappen's number 1 on Wednesday, February 9 next. Red Bull's new car is named RB18. The hope is that the new car designed by the team can help Verstappen in defending his title in an unpredictable season (due to regulatory changes).

Red Bull Racing Beware of Ferrari's Resurrection In F1 2022

MDP Live - Red Bull Racing's sporting director Jonathan Weathley doesn't want to underestimate the power of Ferrari. He knows the Prancing Horse is a big team that has the potential to rise in the upcoming 2022 season.

As is known, the 2022 F1 season will implement massive regulatory changes that make the competition map unpredictable. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG are indeed the two teams that are still favored to be able to compete at the top. However, Jonathan Weathley as Red Bull's representative did not want to underestimate the power of Ferrari. The team from Italy could be a problem because they developed the car well.

"Ferrari, and of course their car, looked very good at the end of last year. They were definitely the third best team at the end of last season and they also have a very good line-up of drivers," Weathley said in an interview with local media.

"I wasn't sure at first whether the two drivers would work well together, but they seem to work very well together. Ferrari could be a big unknown factor next year (2022), and maybe even a big threat for us." again.

For the new season, Red Bull will focus on helping Verstappen in defending the title. They wanted to convince the public that Verstappen's success in winning the world title was not due to luck alone.