Russell Westbrook refuses to be discouraged even though the Lakers are in a slump

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Russell Westbrook asked his team-mates to keep up the spirit to face a tough season. The Lakers may be slumped in the middle of the western conference standings, but the journey in the regular season is still not over.

As a team that is strengthened by a number of great names, the Los Angeles Lakers' performance in the NBA this season is far from satisfactory. Frank Vogel's team swallowed three consecutive defeats before entering February. As a result of the winning and losing record that is not too good, the Lakers are now ranked 9th in the standings.

This was indeed irritating and frustrating, but Russell Westbrook still didn't want to be discouraged. He believes the Lakers can rise from adversity.

"Never give up. I think that should be on anyone's mind. In the middle of the season, we are not in the position we want to be in and that's okay. There is no need to worry about what could happen, what we should be. do, and where we should be. Nobody knows where we should be, everyone has their own opinion about what they think or how they think we should play.

"However, based on our many circumstances, we have found a way to fight through it all and we are still doing that as we speak, we will do our best and keep our energy positive so we can find a way to win."