All Russian Clubs and National Teams Suspended by FIFA Club and UEFA

As is the case at this time due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the impact on Russian clubs and the Russian National Team was suspended by FIFA and UEFA until further notice.

As a result, the men's team will not play in the World Cup play-off matches and the women's team will be banned from participating in the Euro 2022 competition this summer.

Spartak Moscow have also been excluded from the Europa League and their opponents in the round of 16 will advance to the quarter-finals.
It is also known that now UEFA sponsorship has ended with Russia Gazprom

The presidents of FIFA and UEFA issued the same statement that football is united in full solidarity. And they also hope that the situation will improve quickly so that football becomes a vector of unity and peace.

FIFA and UEFA intervened after Belarus supported Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Russia's men's team are scheduled to face Poland in the World Cup play-off semifinals on March 24.

Russian football's governing body, the RFU, said it "strongly disagrees" with the decision and will challenge it "in accordance with international sporting law". Spartak Moscow called the decision "disappointing".

Because it had previously been decided that Russia should finish their match on neutral territory without their flag and national anthem.

On Monday, Scottish FA president Rod Petrie wrote to his Ukrainian counterpart "to send a message of support, friendship and unity", with the two countries set to meet in the World Cup play-off semi-finals on March 24.

The 2022 Champions League Final, which was originally due to be played in St Petersburg on May 28, has been moved to Paris while many clubs have taken their own steps to secede from Russia.

Manchester United has ended a sponsorship deal with Russian national airline Aeroflot while Bundesliga club Schalke has canceled its partnership with main sponsor Gazprom, after last week removing the logo of the Russian energy company from its shirts.