Win against Southampton, Liverpool will compete with Man City for first place in the Premier League

Liverpool with 89 points won against Southampton will continue their struggle against Man City with 90 for the Premier League Trophy.

In the first ten minutes Liverpool could enjoy the game well, and in the first half Liverpool and Southampton drew 1-1.

Where in turns 3 Liverpool players acted as attackers but were conceded instead because Southampton managed to counterattack by Nathan Redmond in the 14th minute.

And this makes Liverpool aggressively attack repeatedly at every opportunity and in the 27th minute Liverpool can equalize the score with Takumi's rocket kick.

And the 1-1 score remained until the jury finally blew the long whistle signaling the first half was over.

And in the second half there were endless attacks from both teams, each defending their position and trying to attack the opponent relentlessly, but the good news came from Liverpool in the 67th minute Joel Maltip gave a header and added to the score and took the lead to 2-1 over Southampton.

After winning with a score of 2, Liverpool were not satisfied and still continued to attack which made Southampton have to work extra to withstand attacks and the score 2-1 lasted until the end of the second half, and made Liverpool the winner.