UEFA Nations League : Goal by Sarabia Spain beat Switzerland

In this match against in the UEFA Nations League, Spain played against Switzerland. Spain won with a goal given by Pablo Sarabia.

The match took place at the Stade de Geneve, and the goal came in the 13th minute with a pass from Marcos Liorente.

After the goal Switzerland struggled to reply to the goal, had several opportunities but did not produce a goal at all. Until the first half ended Spain remained superior.

Then in the second half Switzerland remained overwhelmed to break into the Spanish goal. The ability of Xherdan Sahqiri and Steven Juber is still not able to match the score.

Likewise with Spain several times trying to break into the Swiss goal but still being able to survive and block every kick that approached.

Until the game broke up, no goals were created again. Spain's 1-0 win over Switzerland lasts.

The victory makes Spain stick to Portugal in the standings of Group A2 with 5 points. Spain under Cristiano Ronaldo et al, who lead with 7 points. while Switzerland at the bottom of the group after not winning at all.