Stanley Johnson Appreciates the Honesty of Masai Ujiri

MDP Live - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Stanley Johnson gave great appreciation to the president of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri. Because of his honesty, Johnson can continue to be motivated to play at the highest level.

As a player who was selected at number eight in the 2015 draft event, Stanley Johnson can be said to be one that failed to shine. His name was not able to develop so that it had to be released by the Detroit Pistons when his rookie contract expired.

Luckily for Johnson, he still got a second chance with the Toronto Raptors. The Canadian team wanted to recruit him for two seasons (before now joining the Los Angeles Lakers).

When remembering his past, Johnson thanked the figure of Masai Ujiri. Ujiri is honest and says Johnson is a bad player. But with the right words, Johnson could be motivated by Ujiri's words.

"I've played basketball all my life and I know I'm good at playing basketball. Masai came and said that I was very bad at playing basketball, I can't play basketball. This is not an easy conversation with a professional athlete," said Johnson.

"However, Masai can position himself and his way of speaking well. He says this without showing any pessimism, on the contrary he really builds me up. After that, I looked at myself and asked what would I do after this? Will I accept this?" or trying to do better and this is what I choose. I'm only 25 years old. I've been in the NBA for quite a while because I came in so young. However, from this, I can say I'm not at my best. I'm not yet the player I should be. I can and I will try to get there."