Sorry, Chelsea still fines Romelu Lukaku

MDP Live - Romelu Lukaku can apologize to Chelsea. This apology was granted by Chelsea and the manager Thomas Tuchel, but still subject to a large fine.

As reported by Marca, Chelsea still imposed a fine of 325,000 pounds. This fine should be given because Romelu Lukaku openly criticized Tuchel's strategy.

However, Lukaku has apologized via the official Chelsea website. He apologized for having said he was not happy to join the Blues.

"To the fans, I apologize for the noise I've made," Lukaku said as quoted by Marca.

"You all have a relationship with this club since I was a teenager, so I understand if you are angry," he added about content that Inter Milan did not want to leave.

Improve Attitude

Lukaku's loan will improve attitude. He will also pay for his mistakes with goals readily available.

"Now it's obviously up to me and I will do my best to commit every day on the training pitch and in the matches, trying to win games," he said.

"To the manager, I'm sorry and my friends, the board, because I think this is the right moment. I want to move forward and make sure we can start winning again."

Tuchel's Comments

Meanwhile, Tuchel confirmed that Lukaku had realized his mistake. He also said Lukaku was ready to correct any mistakes.

"He was very aware of what he had made. He felt responsible for the statements he made," he said.