Toni Kroos' Crazy Stats, No Opponents!

MDP Live - Toni Kroos should not be underestimated. This Real Madrid midfield brain is so powerful and consistent, his passing accuracy is above 90% for seven seasons!

Toni Kroos has played for seven seasons at Real Madrid, since 2014 when he was recruited from Bayern Munich. The German player immediately filled the main Madrid squad until now, irreplaceable.

Toni Kroos has made 339 appearances in all competitions. He recorded 35 goals and 83 assists.

Kroos also presented 14 titles for Los Blancos. Including, two-time champion of the Spanish League and three-time champion of the Champions League.

Reporting from Marca, Toni Kroos is now 32 years old. However, he is still the main choice to fill the Real Madrid midfield.

Kroos recently made some crazy statistics in the Spanish League. For seven consecutive seasons, his passing accuracy is above 90 percent to be precise at 93.1 percent!

No other player has equalized that number.

Toni Kroos is so good at giving passes. Although it's not only about assists, his mature passes into the opponent's penalty box are so dangerous.

This percentage is proof that Kroos is a maestro. Not a few, the world's top players praised him.

"I think my game is similar to Toni Kroos. We are both feeders and game controllers, but Kroos doesn't make much physical contact and he often makes magic goals," said former MU player, Paul Scholes.

"Toni Kroos is a very intelligent and calm player. When things go bad, he dares to make the right decisions," said former Barcelona coach and now Man City manager, Guardiola.

"Kroos is the engine of Real Madrid," said former Barcelona coach Xavi.