Despite the status of a legend, Valentino Rossi admits that modern MotoGP is very difficult

MDP Live - MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi has followed the changes that have occurred in the elite two-wheeler class since the 2000 season. He also stated that modern MotoGP is very physically demanding and the competition is fierce.

Rossi is a racer who understands the bitter sweetness of racing in MotoGP. Because, almost his entire life was spent racing on the circuit.

Rossi has been in the racing world since 1996 and decided to hang up his helmet in 2021. During his career, The Doctor has collected nine world titles, seven of which were won in MotoGP.

Because he has been involved for a long time, Rossi knows very well the development of MotoGP from time to time. He also said that the current MotoGP has changed.

According to Rossi, the racers now have to have a strong physique because MotoGP bikes are very extreme. In addition, he also emphasized the importance of mental factors.

"In recent years MotoGP has become very physically demanding because the bike is very extreme," said Rossi, quoted from Motosan, Monday (31/1/2022).

"Physically, you have to have that (physical strength) to be there although mental is also important," he continued.

“What I learned is, that some days you are the best and others you are not. You don't have a special secret that can change that," concluded Rossi.

Yamaha admits it has accepted the departure of Valentino Rossi

MDP Live - Yamaha boss, Lin Jarvis, revealed that his team had accepted the departure of Valentino Rossi and were ready to face the 2022 season without the presence of the legend.

In the 2022 season, for the first time the motorcycle racing world championship will not be followed by Valentino Rossi. During his 26-year career, the Italian has also inspired many people to become a successful racer like himself.

However, there are concerns that MotoGP will lose its appeal as Rossi disappears from the grid. Although in the last two years the man nicknamed The Doctor has not been seen in the competition in the front row.

Even so, his loyal fans still thronged the circuit stands and always hoped the racing legend could rise to the top of the podium before retiring.

Yamaha, the last manufacturer that Rossi defended, believes the MotoGP championship will remain interesting to watch because the new generation is able to show its great potential.

“There are legends, but this sport is always evolving. There is always a young talent rising," said Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis, quoted from

“In Formula 1 there are legends and then there is the next generation. In Formula 1 many great young drivers are rising to the championship. We have Ayrton Senna, then Michael Schumacher."

“Recently, there is Lewis Hamilton's dominance, where before Sebastian Vettel. The young racers are a lot of fun. They are very fast. Thanks to Max Verstappen, the color orange will carry the sport of racing into the future,” he continued.

"That will also happen in MotoGP. There have been great fights in all classes this year. This sport will continue to grow,” said Jarvis.

"After Senna's golden age and the tragedy of the accidents he experienced, Formula 1 still has Schumacher who makes the championship interesting," he explained.

Valentino Rossi is not only a great asset for the MotoGP event as a whole, but the 42-year-old man has also brought luck to Yamaha.

Joining in 2004, he managed to make history by winning his first race using a YZR-M1 motorbike. Rossi also managed to prove that he was able to beat Honda, which was the strongest manufacturer at that time.

“We worked with Valentino for 16 years and witnessed the peak of his career. We recognize the value he brings to this sport. But he has also become an icon for our brand and is respected."

“We want to carry this connection into the future. We have all benefited from the growing popularity in this sport through him. However, all sports thrive. We've seen it in skiing, tennis and Formula 1."

Debut in MotoGP 2022 with Team Valentino Rossi, Marco Bezzecchi Learns a lot from this figure

MDP Live - Mooney VR46 racer, Marco Bezzecchi, will make his debut in MotoGP in 2022. Defending the Valentino Rossi team, Marco Bezzecchi is ready to work optimally by learning a lot from his partner, Luca Marini.

Yes, Bezzecchi is a rookie racer for the Mooney VR46 team in MotoGP 2022. The 23-year-old racer is also a dropout from the VR46 academy.

In MotoGP 2022, he will partner with his old partner, namely Marini, for the Mooney VR46. So, the relationship between the two is no longer in doubt.

Bezzecchi also admits that he has a good relationship with Marini. On the other hand, he also revealed that when the VR46 members appointed him to appear in MotoGP, it was a difficult moment in his career.

“I have a fantastic relationship with luca. He has been the best team-mate so far," said Bezzecchi, quoted from the Twitter account Mooney VR46, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

“The people at VR46 put their trust in me. It was one of the most difficult moments in my career."

However, Bezzecchi was ready to give his best. Appearing as a rookie, Bezzecchi admitted that he would learn a lot from Marini. Given, he had tasted first how hard the competition in MotoGP.

"Luca is a strong rider and I can learn a lot from him," concluded Bezzecchi.

I've known for a long time, Fabio Quartararo is still nervous every time he meets Valentino Rossi

MDP Live - Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP racer, Fabio Quartararo, has known Valentino Rossi personally for many years. However, through Solomoto, as quoted by Corsedimoto, Thursday (6/1/2022), El Diablo stated that he still felt nervous every time he chatted with The Doctor.

As is known, Quartararo has idolized Rossi since childhood. So, his dream of going to MotoGP in 2019 was realized in a much more special way, because when he made his debut at that time, Rossi was still actively racing. The two of them even got on the podium together at the MotoGP Andalusia 2020.

Quartararo even got a rare opportunity, taking over from Rossi's place in the factory Yamaha team. He did not waste this opportunity. Although a little burdened, he was finally able to follow in Rossi's footsteps to become world champion. Quartararo became the third Yamaha rider to win MotoGP, after Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo.

It's Still Hard to Believe Valentino Rossi Is Retired

Even so, Rossi decided to retire from MotoGP in mid-November 2021. Quartararo still can't believe that a motorcycle racer of Rossi's caliber will no longer be on the MotoGP tracks this season. According to this French rider, many people have to get used to watching races without Rossi.

"I still have a hard time believing that Vale will no longer be racing. Because when I wasn't born, he was already in the world championship. However, time is running out for everyone and it will end our careers in sport, and Vale's career has gone on for a long time. We have to thank him. for everything he does for MotoGP."

Quartararo also admitted that he was happy that he had a very good relationship with Rossi. When Quartararo's arm pump injury relapsed last year, Rossi also encouraged him. They even had a respect lap together in the Emilia Romagna Series, when Quartararo locked the 2021 MotoGP world title.

Still Gives Certain Effects

The 22-year-old rider admits that even though he has known Rossi for a long time, he can never get used to meeting The Doctor and always feels nervous. The reason is, Quartararo has never seen the nine-time world champion as a rival or enemy, but remains an idol, just like when he was a child.

"Vale is the only rider who even now, even though I have known him for many years, still has a certain effect on me when we meet. Because I still see him as an idol like when I was 4-5 years old. This is a beautiful thing Chatting with him is always special, especially when he invites me to The Ranch," he concluded.

Quartararo will return to the track in the Malaysian MotoGP pre-season trial at the Sepang Circuit on 5-6 February 2022. The next test will be held at the Mandalika Circuit, Indonesia, on 11-13 February.

MotoGP 2022, Valentino Rossi's Racing Team Finally Gets Sponsors from Italy

MDP Live - Valentino Rossi's racing team in Moto2 and MotoGP, VR46 Sky Racing finally got a new sponsor for the 2022 race. VR46 has forgotten about the failure to recruit sponsors from Saudi Arabia because now a new sponsor Mooney has arrived.

Mooney will be the main sponsor of Rossi's racing team. Mooney is a financial company engaged in payments.

Mooney is not only the main sponsor of The Doctor's racing team in MotoGP, but also Moto2. This means Mooney also supports all the drivers, namely Luca Marini and Marco Bezzechi (MotoGP) and Celestino Vietti and Niccolo Antonelli (Moto2).

"According to the agreement, our new team will be named Mooney VR46 Racing Team and will be used throughout the team image (including motorcycles and racer outfits) as well as all communications. Further information will be provided on January 3rd," read a statement from VR46.

Aramco Cancel

The certainty of sponsorship from Mooney confirmed that Saudi Arabia's oil sponsor, Aramco, would not support Rossi's racing team. Although it was announced last April, Tanal Entertainment Sport and Media with Saudi Aramco canceled their attendance as main sponsors.

The cancellation of the deal with Aramco because of the attitude of Valentino Rossi. Initially Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah wanted Rossi to continue racing in 2022, but as is known Rossi chose to retire.


VR46 has previously confirmed that it will use a Ducati engine in 2022. Luca Marini will use the 2022 Desmosedichi, while rookie Bezzecchi will use the 2021 spec.

Initially it was suspected that Rossi did not get a sponsor when registering the team last November. But Mooney stepped in to save the team's finances.

With the current Ducati motorbike, Valentino Rossi is sure that he can appear great

MDP Live - Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali, believes that Valentino Rossi can look solid and even compete for the championship title if he uses the current Desmosedici motorbike.

Valentino Rossi is known to have tried his luck to become a MotoGP champion with Ducati in the 2011 season. Unfortunately, the Italian rider was unable to do much when he joined them.

After repeatedly trying to adapt to the Desmosedici bike, Rossi finally gave up and left Ducati at the end of the 2012 season and decided to return to strengthen Yamaha. In total, he could only reach three podiums without ever winning a win with the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale.

But the CEO of Ducati, Claudio Domenicali, believes that would not happen if Valentino Rossi joined his team in the current era. Especially now, the Desmosedici motorbike has proven its quality and can perform fast in the hands of several riders.

“Ducati era today is very different. I think he will be strong with our bike. However, we have no regrets. At that time, we were meant for each other," said Domenicali, quoted by MotoSan.

He then assessed the difficulties that Rossi faced at that time could not be separated from the role of Casey Stoner. The reason is that the arrival of the seven-time MotoGP world champion coincided with the departure of Stoner, who chose to move to Repsol Honda.

As a result, he had difficulty adjusting to the motor. In fact, the Ducati Desmosedici GP11 at that time was developed in accordance with the input given by Stoner.

“At that time, the bike was made according to Stoner's wishes. It is difficult to interpret the wishes of a rider who is used to a more balanced bike," he said.