Valtteri Bottas Was Interested by Other Teams After Joining Alfa Romeo

MDP Live - The Finnish racer, Valtteri Bottas, admitted that he received interest from other teams after signing a contract with Alfa Romeo. Unfortunately, Bottas did not want to reveal the identity of the team in question.

As is known, Valtteri Bottas' contract was not renewed by Mercedes AMG in the 2021 season. Silver Arrow prefers to use the services of George Russell. After ejecting Bottas, the driver must have sought his luck with other teams.

Only a few days later, Bottas immediately reached an agreement with Alfa Romeo. He was appointed to be a tandem for Guanyu Zhou. Investigate a calibaration, Bottas is not only in demand by Alfa Romeo. There are other teams who are still in contact with him after he signed the contract.

"I received a call two days after signing the contract with Alfa Romeo. We wanted you and we were able to pay half of what they (Alfa Romeo) paid. I said, 'You guys are a little late!' Anyway, I'm happy with the decision I made. I think it will be something good," said Bottas in an interview with local media.

Together with Alfa Romeo, Bottas is now ready to start a new chapter in his career. In his years of defending Mercedes, Bottas has never won a world title. He was also always in the shadow of Lewis Hamilton. Alfa Romeo is not a big team like Mercedes, but it can give him more freedom.

Valtteri Bottas Reveals Timeline of His Leaving Mercedes

MDP Live - The Finnish driver, Valtteri Bottas, told of the process of his move from Mercedes last season. He said that he parted on good terms with the typical team with the nickname Silver Arrow.

When his contract expired in 2021, Valtteri Bottas had time to negotiate with Toto Wolff and other members of the team's management. At that time, Bottas asked for a new contract that lasted more than one year. He felt he needed a contract with a long duration to provide guarantees for his future. Unfortunately, Wolff did not accept Bottas' request and could only offer an extension for one year.

This made Bottas disappointed and finally chose to leave. If Mercedes were willing to comply with his request to give a two-year contract, it is not impossible that he would still be Lewis Hamilton's partner until now.

"We both agreed. He (Wolff) knew at some point we had to make a decision and it was done. I've decided, if I can't get a contract of more than two years at Mercedes, I will definitely go to find something new, " said Bottas when interviewed by local media.

"That will lead to a simple question, will he offer me (a contract) of two years or more? Wolff then said no, for now he can't. So, it's as simple as that," he said once again.