West Indies were beaten in the Women's World Cup by Australia with four wins in a row

Australia can get to the semifinals of the Women's World Cup, by scoring 7 goals against the West Indies in Wellington.
Rachael Haynes' opener made it 83 as Australia chased down 19.4 overs.
Australia have all four wins with four games, and West Indies are fifth and outside of the semifinals due to a second loss in the fourth game.

And this is the second time the West Indies have been beaten, and that follows a 155 loss to India on Saturday.
At Bansin Reserve West Indies were reduced to 34-3 before the off-spinner scored twice over in engineering a further decline to 70-5.

Although captain Stafanie Taylor fought for 50, he became Gardner's third victim and the West Indies were blown away with 4.1 unused overs.
Australia are missing Alyssa Healy for three games and captain Meg Lanning without a goal is in light trouble at 7-2

Haynes with Perry added 51 and with an uninterrupted 74 ending 28 did not come out, and Haynes is the more goalscorer than Hayley Matthews 70 times and Haynes scored 277 goals.


Bangladesh was beaten by New Zealand in the first tournament in the Women's World Cup

New Zealand's win over Bangladesh in the Women's World Cup was their first. Having been beaten in the opener to the West Indies, and when the rain caused a delayed start at Dunedin left White Ferns frustrated.

But Cup debutants Bangladesh are limited to 27 over per position, and New Zealand are chasing targets in 20 over, then Bangladesh will face Pakistan on Monday, and New Zealand will meet 2017 runners up India Hamilton on Thursday.

New Zealand going forward will compete with India, South Africa, West Indies for the two-place semifinals. For most of the day, it looks like the White Fern will be disappointed on the world's southernmost international cricket ground.

And the match finally started at 15:00 local time and Bangladesh made an encouraging start by pressing south africa .

Over 9 over Shamina Sultana and Fargana Hoque added 59. From off Frankie MacKay's spin, Lea Tahuhu ran a side-foot limit. Bangladesh detained 3-25 from Army satterthwaite. And the chase is led by Captain Bates, playing dolo in an International match for the first time

Bates is the sixth player, to pass 1000 rounds at the Women's World Cup as she shares Kerr's record of 108.

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