Yuki Tsunoda Relys On Past Experiences To Adapt To New Car

MDP Live - AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda uses his past experience to adapt to the new 18-inch car. He had driven a similar car when competing in Formula 2.

As a young driver in Formula 1 competition, Yuki Tsunoda was immediately faced with regulatory changes in 2022. All cars are required to use 18-inch wheels. The riders then try to adapt as early as possible to get used to it.

Luckily for Tsunoda, he only joined F1 in 2021. Previously, he had competed in F2 using a car with a similar tire size. In his trials with a racing simulator, he felt a similar sensation.

"Overall the car feels fiercer and has more efficient movement. Bigger wheels give you a completely different feel compared to 13-inch tires," Tsunoda said when interviewed by local media.

"I've felt it before because when we raced in Formula 2, we made the same changes there and changed to 18-inch tires. So, I feel the difference there. For me, the characters are very similar," he said once again.

Tsunoda himself must improve his performance in the 2022 season. As an AlphaTauri racer, he is required to be able to achieve higher achievements. Moreover, he has reaped valuable experience from the 2021 season. With that experience, he should have been able to improve himself and show rapid improvement.