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Real Madrid Champions League Champion 2021-2022

The Champions League Final became a match that attracted attention among football lovers, because Liverpool's defeat was due to the negligence of the players who were included in the category of great players on the team.

Previously Liverpool failed to win the English league, whose match ended last week, in the final of this season's UCL match had a revenge mission from the Liverpool team.

Liverpool conceded in the first half by Karim Benzema's goal, but the goal was deemed invalid because Benzema was caught offside, and the first half was closed with the score 0-0.

And in the second half Liverpool's side continued to press with an attack dominated by them, and Real Madrid started to come out under pressure.

And in the 59th minute, the Reds' negligence was put to good use by Real Madrid and successfully produced a goal by Vinicius Junior with a pass from Federico Valverde.

Surprised by Real Madrid's goal, the Reds stepped up the pressure, but to no avail. Thibaut Courtois was great and slick with 9 saves. And the match ended with Real Madrid's 1-0 victory and made Real Madrid the UCL winner for the 14th time.

This game garnered a lot of attention and judgment, here are the mistakes that led to Liverpool's defeat:

Waste of Tempo and Domination
Failed to Take Advantage of Domination
After an offside goal by Karim Benzema, the Reds launched a revenge mission. Good dominance resulted in many chances, even the first 20 minutes forced the Madrid goalkeeper to make 4 saves.
In total, the Reds shot against the opponent's goal 24 times but none of them resulted in a goal.

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Tempo Change
In the first half Liverpool played with a high tempo and high pressure, making it difficult for Real Madrid to build attacks. This scenario went well throughout the first half causing Madrid to be confined to the field throughout the first half.
But in the second half Liverpool even relaxed the pressure and caused Real Madrid to develop the game. And producing goals for Real Madrid and Liverpool instead trapped the opposing team's game.

Weak in the wing formation
Failed to Anticipate Trent Alexander's Duel - Arnold Vs Vinicius
Trent Alexander-Arnold has indeed become one of Liverpool's mainstay weapons this season through his 2 goals and 9 assists. And weakness while defending is in the spotlight. Where Vinicius' speed is a problem for Alexander Arnold.
And the unfortunate thing approached Liverpool, when Real Madrid had the ball in the middle of the field, it was Trenat Alexander-Arnold who was actually interested in Karim Benzema's movement, so Vinicius was not guarded by the Reds on the right side of defense and scored a goal.

Weakened Full Back Duo
Two fullbacks should be the key to attack but in the final the Reds performed poorly and in the end the attack did not go well.

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